Monday’s Dinner

I guess I am going to try the gluten free thing for a bit. Not sure how long. I have a few boxes of different types of gluten free noodles and some gf oats. Plus quinoa and millet. Might have to make a run to the health food store soon.

Picked up these quinoa noodles the other day at Publix. Figured tonight would be a good time to try them. Here’s the ingredients for dinner:


I used to make a simple yummy dish of pasta, peas, lemon zest and butter. This is a take on that. Lime instead of lemon (easier on my lesions), olive oil instead of butter, with avocado and toasted tofu thrown in for more healthy fats and protein.

Noodles turned the water yellowish. Box says that’s normal.


Coming along…


Finished product. I really love tofu when it’s all toasty like this. After toasting, I sautéed it in olive oil with garlic, so that gave it lots of flavor. I ate everything in this bowl, plus more tofu pieces, and a small bowl of leftover organic sweet potato soup.


And a beautiful sunset in a glass… sweet potato, carrot, apple, beet, red bell pepper.


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