Sunday’s Snack

Gotta get our aloe in for the day. 😉

And there was an interesting smoothie recipe in this magazine I wanted to try.



Here’s my ingredients.


Processing the aloe was marginally easier today. I found that a vegetable peeler was sort of helpful.

The finished product…


It was really delicious. With all the citrus, I should’ve known it would irritate my lesions a bit. The most painful ones are toward the front of my mouth, so using a straw to bypass that area did the trick. Baby girl wasn’t crazy about it. After all the sweets she’s had today, I’m sure her taste buds would’ve preferred some sweetener in there- honey, agave, something.

We also munched on a few of these.


Not super healthy, but I assume they’ve got more nutritional value than many of the alternatives.

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