Tuesday’s Lunch

Given my disappointing eating performance at breakfast, I was not looking forward to lunch. I’d roasted some carrots, parsnips, garlic, and purple potatoes last night and thought they might be soft enough to handle. (They were.) And I had 3 avocados that were on their last leg- mixed those up with some culantro from the garden, lime zest and a scant squeeze of juice (the acid irritates the lesions). I’ve been getting random cramps in my toes, so I threw in the banana for some extra potassium.


By some miracle (the grace of God or extreme hunger- or both), I was able to eat everything except one bite of guacamole and a few potato bites.

Side note: I did not add any salt or spices or oil to the veggies for roasting. I put a small amount of water in the baking dish and covered it with foil. When they were almost done, I uncovered them and saw there was still quite a bit of water in the pan, so I baked them the rest of the way uncovered to let the water evaporate and give the veggies a chance to caramelize a bit. They were really delicious this way. Most vegetables have a lot of natural flavor that we sometimes miss out on by loading them with salt and other flavorings. The carrots and parsnips were sweet and caramelly on the side that had touched the pan. The garlic was soft, almost like a paste, and sweet. The potatoes weren’t anything special (other than that I love their purple color)- they actually probably could’ve used some salt. 😉

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